Protect your Greatest Asset, your First Responders, and Their Greatest Asset, Their Families

Responders 1st Call® is a pre-claim prevention solution to keep First Responders emotionally and physically on the job. The program provides confidential, informal, 24/7/365 on-demand mental health support to Responders and their families. The goal of Responders 1st Call® is to partner with organizations, unions, associations, municipalities and any entity interested in improving the welfare of First Responders and their families and help reduce the impact of the top issues and concerns of Responders, those being:

We understand many organizations are assisting their First Responders with programs such as Employee Assistance Programs, Peer Support programs, internal occupation therapy provisions, and counseling. However, research shows there is room for improvement, especially in providing confidential, informal support 24/7. A 2019 survey of 7,000 firefighters found that 81% fear they will be seen as weak or unfit for duty if they use the support programs offered by their organizations.

This is an unfortunate statistic, particularly when their decision to seek help will make them better Responders, spouses, partners, parents, and friends. As Dr. Stephen Odom stated: "You can't really be the best First Responder you can be if you're not taking care of yourself first."

Benefits to the Organization - the Responders 1st Call® Solutions

Real-time Trauma Helpline - Behavioral Health specialists experienced in critical incident stress management help Responders compartmentalize, relieve stress, and feel whole again.

On-demand mental health counseling for the First Responder and family to address and alleviate work or personal stressors, emotional health issues such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationships, or other events which interfere with daily life.

A virtual self-directed, web-based solution to heal the brain by compartmentalizing trauma through Virtual Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing to reduce the emotional pain from Trauma, PTSD, and more.

Value to the Organization:

  • Protect your greatest asset, your First Responders, and their greatest asset, their families
  • Prevent suicides
  • Prevent work comp and disability claims
  • Reduce costs related to absenteeism
  • Reduce the impact of presenteeism by keeping First Responders focused
  • Provide supplemental 24/7 assistance to peer support and other programs
  • Improved morale, employee retention, and recruitment

Price to the Organization:

  • Contact us to determine the solutions which best fit the needs of your organization and pricing options.

Responders 1st Call®...a subscription-based program for Cities, Municipalities, Police and Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Teams, First Responders Unions and Associations. Request More Information Today.

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