Offering assistance to First Responders in their time of need is the focus of our mission and we love getting feedback from those who have reached out to us and knowing we were able to make their lives a little easier. This is what it's all about!

Testimonials from First Responders

I don't remember much of my childhood. It wasn't until recently when EMDR was introduced to me through the Veteran's Health Program (VA). EMDR has helped me recall some of the memories that I suppressed and was able to open my feelings up to get past them. With having a full-time job, it was almost impossible to continue the EMDR treatment in-house. That is when I found the Virtual EMDR Program.

Using Virtual EMDR, I found I was able to recall more and more with each session. It was not so easy at first, but I was able to come to terms with my feelings about the trauma I felt was imposed on me as a child.

Virtual EMDR made me feel that I could finally face the pain I had buried for so long because I could not recall the traumatic events. After sessions, I was able to recall some details of my childhood memories I had buried.

Virtual EMDR has worked better than the live sessions or better than anything I tried. I look forward to continuing to use this remarkable product to help release my frustration and anger. I have already recommended the program to my best friend who was a police sergeant and suffers from PTSD.

Maryann T.

United States Air Force Veteran 1982-1996

I gladly share my story and my experience with Virtual EMDR.

The thing I have found to be absolutely true with trauma, at least in my case and others I've observed in life, is that much of the time we don't know it is there. I'd just wear it like a heavy wet suit or chain mail layer. Just weighing me down inhibiting my movements, effecting my decisions and therefore my actions. After a time both just became rotten under the weight of the suit and my behaviors self-destructive.

I served in the U.S.Navy from 1993-1995, and shortly after, became a certified EMT then went on to nursing. On September 11, when the World Trade Center attack took place I was in school just outside of Manhattan. At the time, they immediately called for any available medical volunteers to come help. "I got this," I thought. "I'm well trained, in good shape and people need help that I can provide." So off I went. I was not ready. They were not ready. There was no plan in place, how could there be? I passed a series of checkpoints, soldiers with M16s in full body-armor searched through my car with bomb dogs. It seemed they did this every mile once I got near the city.

I arrived at the collapsed buildings close to 4pm, parked my car, and started to walk toward more soldiers, more guns, more angst, anger, fear, and confusion. The sky was dim, the soot hung in the air like a cloud. I wrapped a t-shirt around my face and found a makeshift triage set up across the street from where the World Trade Center once stood. Asking who was in charge, I realized that absolutely nobody was in charge. I kept busy, offering service to any independent stations I came across. It was chaotic, but everyone had good morale. By evening another lost looking guy about my age asked, "did you see it?" It hadn't occurred to me to look. We went out through the opposite doors to look and there "it" was. The end of the world where the buildings once stood.

To make a long story short. Since this experience, building up (my life) then tearing it down has been my cycle ever since this experience. I've tried just about everything at my disposal; therapy, self-hypnosis, constantly learning, and all the self-betterment programs I could get my hands on. I was introduced to EMDER through reading various books and wanted to give it a shot. It was incredibly inconvenient to find an expert in my area and the co-pays were too pricey for me to go regularly. Thankfully Virtual EMDR provided a solution and were willing to help.

Coming to find out that the build and repair trauma cycle may have existed even before 9-11. I'm currently using Virtual EMDR to installing new beliefs and reaction to my PTSD symptoms. I'm once again employed and participate well at work. Working with life coach to restore some possibilities for my future and I believe that a critical part of my ongoing stability and recovery is Virtual EMDR.

Thank you for your support!

Brian H.

US Navy, World Trade Center First-Responder, Registered Nurse

Before using Virtual EMDR, I was suffering from various symptoms of PTSD, including nightmares and triggers to certain life situations. The Virtual EMDR sessions caused me to grow calmer and less likely to be triggered, and also helped me work on traumatic experiences that I discovered even back in my childhood. Over the course of one month, I did a Virtual EMDR session most days.

I look forward to continuing using Virtual EMDR for a longer period of time in the future so I can process through more the rest of my issues.

LariAnn G.

US Military Veteran

I had been in a deep depression over my mother's declining health and been having recurring PTSD when I read about the Virtual EMDR Program. I researched it online and saw the reviews and decided to try it and see how it worked. What a blessing this software was!

It worked almost immediately to lift the depression and break the negative cycle of thoughts I had been stuck in. I am now doing much better and tell everybody I can about this software. Thank you Virtual EMDR for giving me my life back! I highly recommend this software to anyone needing help with everything from anxiety to addiction. It is easy enough to be used by anyone and should be in the hands of every mental health professional.

It gave me my life back. I can't wait to try it on a few more unresolved issues in the future.

Thank you Virtual EMDR!

Kathleen S.

911 Dispatcher

I was in the service (Army) and have had behavior problems for years that I have not been able to make sense of. I have anger, depression, and irritability that gets set off over the smallest things and then would last for days

I tried the Virtual EMDR Program and it does what it says it does. It uncovers the deep-down issues that our conscious minds can't access and brings them to the surface to be dealt with. The negative things that came to the surface during the sessions were disempowered. I felt more at ease and what used to quickly trigger a response didn't trigger that response anymore.

Thank you Virtual EMDR!I didn't have to counsel with anyone rehashing painful things that never got results. There is a science to Virtual EMDR and I don't entirely understand how it can work, but it does...for any traumatic experience anyone might have gone through.

Mike L.

US Army Veteran

Decades ago, I was in a very battering marriage, and unfortunately, like many of us, I still hold the negative impact and memories and keep replaying the tapes. I've always believed in "change your thinking, change your life" but was not able to put these memories and feelings away.

I literally did my first Virtual EMDR session today and followed the prompts. I recalled a particularly nasty incident, then replaced the negative memory of thoughts and emotions with positive ones. I did the Virtual EMDR and followed the dots for the negative feelings for 10 minutes and did the positive reinforcement thoughts for 5 minutes.

Now an hour later, I am looking back at that memory and see it in a totally different way - I am actually smiling. Looking at it as a 3rd party changed my perspective, my thoughts, and my feelings. The fear, embarrassment, lack of self-confidence is gone, it was just an incident. I can't believe I held on to those thoughts and feelings for decades.

This is really cool, and it works!

Cathy H

Based on all of the feedback I receive, our members are extremely happy with the services provided, and we have a very good utilization rate of services. Personally, I have always experienced exceptional service, and I am very pleased with our partnership.

Chief of Staff

City Fire Department

“You have been instrumental in helping our employees manage their mental health. I receive positive feedback from our employees on a regular basis. Our goal in the Officer Safety and Wellness section is to build a resilient police department. Without doubt, our partnership. Without doubt, has been an important component, in achieving that goal.

Director, Office of Professional Responsibility

City Police Department

Approximately 2/3 of our employees are emergency service first responders (EMTs, Paramedics, and Dispatchers). Operating emergency service vehicles in emergency situations requires us to be fully focused. We feel that if we can help provide our employees with the support they need in order to be emotionally balanced at work and at home, we will be more successful in having a safe productive work environment and a happier, more stable employee. Having a resource that helps our employees to have a strong, stable, work life balance, also helps us retain them as employees in our company. In the event that a particularly complicated situation develops with an employee, you are immediately available to help us process the situation and get the employee to any advanced resources that may be required. We are pleased to have a strong resource for our employees and our management team.

Human Resources Manager

Ambulatory Response Services

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