In 2017, we launched the 24hr Virtual Clinic, which provides pre-claim, virtual preventive solutions to companies to reduce the number and costs of worker compensation claims. This is accomplished virtually through nurse triage for workplace injuries, plus virtual medical and behavioral health consultations to address the underlying causes of many injuries such as presenteeism, i.e., at work but not focused due to illness, stress, anxiety, fear, etc.

Over the last 3 years, along with addressing presenteeism, our behavioral health clinicians provided "boots on the ground" trauma care to the Baltimore Police Department immediately after a traumatic event. Knowing the expense involved with onsite assistance and our expertise in providing virtual medical support - we thought could we offer on-demand, virtual consultations with First Responders to help them through their times of trauma? We also realized that just reaching out to the Responder was only half the solution, as the families of Responders should also have access to consultations to help them through tough situations

We built the Behavioral Health consultation program directed to First Responders and their families. It was no coincidence that a few weeks later, we were introduced to and procured the exclusive business-to-business rights to Virtual Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing for North America. This proprietary combination of service gives Responders 1st Call the capability to help Responders and their families through the stress and trauma and begin to heal the brain.

Trauma Helpline

Provides Real-Time telephonic consultation after a traumatic event with a master's level clinician experienced in disruptive, critical incident trauma and stress management. The discussion assists mentally and physically to compartmentalize the experience and provides the First Responder with psychological first aid. These on-demand consultations offer supplemental support to peer support teams and departments. Clinicians may recommend the next steps, including Virtual Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Virtual EMDR

A solution to archive trauma and reprocess the incident, which allows the mind to heal. The VA and Dept of Defense have endorsed EMDR as having the strongest recommendation for being an effective treatment in most clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of PTSD. Virtual EMDR is a confidential, web-based solution with unlimited access subscription, which allows the First Responder to privately conduct the VEMDR sessions in-the-moment, anywhere, any time.

Mental Health Consultations

The program offers real-time telephonic and video consultations for the First Responder and family to address and alleviate non-traumatic Behavioral Health issues at home or on-the-job such as stress, anxiety, depression, and more.


Ann Hawkins Ph.D. - Founder, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer

In the early 1970s, I was one of the pioneers of preventive healthcare and realized how much money could be saved if individuals took care of themselves and made more responsible choices related to mental and physical health. This became the topic of my Doctoral Dissertation, determining the financial value to the company keeping employees healthy.

My career as a university professor/coach, in sales/marketing, was focused in the areas of sports business, health, fitness, and wellbeing. This positioned me to start my consulting business serving companies, healthcare organizations and universities develop programs to facilitate their employees, clients, patients, and students.

In 2008, as access to healthcare became more available virtually, Bob and I jumped in through telemedicine.

Our goal is to continue to develop affordable, easy-to-access solutions to help keep people mentally and physically healthy, and consequently decrease healthcare costs.

Bob Hood - COO and Chief Integration Officer

After receiving my MBA from Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, I developed extensive skills in business start-ups, strategic planning, business development, management, coaching, sales, mergers, and acquisitions. In the 1980s, as Director of Corporate Planning for Bally, I spearheaded the acquisition of Lifecycle Inc., which became Life Fitness Inc. I was an Executive VP and co-owner of the company. Life Fitness grew to be the largest commercial exercise equipment manufacturing company in the world.

After Life Fitness sold to Brunswick in the late '90s, I retired from Corporate America to work full-time with my wife, Dr. Ann, to support her vision and initiatives in the health and well-being space.

Our Mission

To provide mental health solutions to assist First Responders:

  • Deal with the aftermath of being intimately involved in traumatic events and critical incidents
  • Address work-related or personal stressors, such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse concerns, relationship issues, or issues interfering with responsibilities.
  • Reduce stress-related diseases and health issues including cancer
  • Reduce the number of suicides in First Responders

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