First Responders Witness Trauma Every Day

First Responders are, on a daily basis, exposed to serious injuries, death, and situations that put themselves, their colleagues, and members of the public in danger. On any given day they can find themselves going from a simple traffic stop to a fatal incident within a matter of minutes. Split-second decisions have to be made in seconds and the outcome is often the difference between life and death.

All of this leaves invisible wounds. PTSD isn't just something that happens to the direct victims of a traumatic event. Those who witness the event - or its aftermath - can also be effective. Now multiply that by the number of distressing calls the average first responder answers in a year and it is no wonder they are crying out for help.

Responders 1st CallTM is dedicated to saving the lifesavers and their families in all American emergency service professions. Learn more at

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